Who Am I Forum Event


    Who Am I Forum Event

    Post by Guest on Fri Aug 30, 2013 1:58 pm

    How to join this Event:

    * You must be a certified member of our forum.


    * You must find the mob/NPC that we are going to post here.
    * After looking for the mob/NPC you must take a screenshot of that mob/NPC.
    * In your screenshot, we must see that you are beside on the mob/NPC that we ask you to look for to win the event.

    Rules of this Event:

    * No one is allowed to post twice, you can edit your post if you want.
    * Only 1 winner for each mob/NPC that we will post. So may the fastest poster wins.

    How can you win this event:

    * post the screenshot.
    * Below in your screenshot is the name of mob/NPC.
    * And your Character's name

    Winning Prize:

    5,000 Cash Credits

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