New Usergroups


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    New Usergroups

    Post by DEVOURER on Fri Nov 15, 2013 1:38 pm

    I am here to announce that we added 4 New Usergroups.
    You can obtain those Usertags by following this.

    PVP King         
    You can obtain this tag by winning the monthly PK Event
    that will be hosted every end of the month starting this
    month of November. It will be hosted by the Staff Team.

    You can obtain this tag by donating with a minimum of
    25$ or more for our server.

    Striker Beauties
    This Tag is for the beautiful lady players of our server.
    You need to send us a photo of you with your character
    name In order for you to obtain this tag.

    This tag exclusive for Ex-Staff of StrikerMU Staff Team.


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