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    [Rules] Introduction Empty [Rules] Introduction

    Post by EmptyList on Sat Sep 28, 2013 6:39 pm

    Here are the rules you need to follow
    when you make a Thread Section!

    ○ Only one thread per user.
    ○ No double posting.
    ○ No advertising.
    ○ No spam.
    ○ No racism.
    ○ Don't be rude.
    ○ Try to be polite
    ○ Make new friends
    ○ Help if needed
    ○ New or old players who did not introduce their selves are allowed to make their introduction thread!

    Things you may ask from moderators:

    ► Move Thread.
    ► Help in posting.
    ► Close thread.
    ► Rename thread.
    ► General information.

    Your thread needs to have prefix [Introduction]

    [Introduction] EmptyList

    ○ Additional information:
    - the old thread will be moved to recycle, so if you had already posted, feel free to
    do it again hehe.
    - Your introduction thread should be closed by our beloved moderators when a week passed!

    ► Required things you need to put in an introduction thread are:

    - Name*
    - Character name
    - Age*
    - Gender*
    - Interests
    - Sports
    - Other random stuff you need to say, its all about you after all.

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